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Company Overview

Corporate R&D Center

R&D Center of Sungwon Pharmaceutical CO. was established 2010 to conduct extensive range of R&D activities on dental care products and beauty cosmetics with strong technology competence of researchers with biology, chemical and pharmaceutical backgrounds and advanced equipment and to provide the best products for customers.

It will continue its efforts to analyze customers’ needs thoroughly and develop technologies to respond to their needs, with an aim to grow into a world class top R&D center at global level.

R&D Facilities

  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC):

    Equipment to perform qualitative and quantitative analysis on main ingredients of sanitary products and cosmetics.

  • Dispersion Mixer 10ℓ:

    For toothpaste test

  • Clean Bench:

    Device for microorganism inspection

  • Viscometer:

    Measuring viscosity of sanitary products and cosmetics

  • Constant Temperature Dry Heater :

    A machine to measure loss on drying, Measuring moisture level of substances

  • pH Meter:

    Measuring pH level of sanitary products and cosmetics

  • Electric furnace:

    A machine to measure ignition residue Capable of heating up to 1000℃

  • Hardness Testing Machine:

    Measuring hardness of sanitary products and cosmetics

  • Thermo-Hygrostat:

    Testing stability of tablet toothpaste Capable of adjusting temperature and humidity

  • Mixer & Sealer:

    Capable of making basic samples

Production Facilities

  • 0.5t Mixer:

    Capable of mixing 200kg ~ 500kg

  • Semi-auto Packaging Device :

    Processing 40 pieces (max)/35 pieces (average) a minute

  • 1t Mixer:

    Capable of mixing 450kg ~ 1,000kg

  • L-shaped Shrink Tunnel :

    Hot air type

  • 3t Mixer:

    Capable of mixing 900kg ~ 3,000kg

  • Auto Label Dispenser:

    Processing 120 pieces (max) / 80 pieces (average) a minute

  • Filler:

    Processing 50 pieces (max) / 45 pieces (average) a minute

  • Liquid Filler :

    10ml ~ 500ml

  • Coating Device:

    Capable of coating 60.000~ 80,000 tablets an hour

  • Tablet Machine:

    200/ 650 tablets per minute each