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Excellent technical skill
to do one's best in customer satisfaction
History of Sungwon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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  • [Emerging Stage] 2018

    T Series began to de distributed at LOHB’s 

    T Series gargle tablet launched 

    T Series toothpaste tablet launched 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2017

    Toothpaste tablet production line established 

    Toothpaste tablet earned license from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 

    Seoul Office opened 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2016

    Selected as an OEM partner for Hanip Baking Soda of LG Household & Healthcare CO. 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2015

    Launching show at Home & Shopping channel 

    Registration as non-specialty cosmetics company in China 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2014

    Cosmetics research and development 

    Horse Oil X Cream launched 

    Mei Klout cream with whitening function launched  

    Cosmetics production line expanded and new products launched 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2013

    Apatite Professional launched

    Selected as a partner of CJ Lion. 

    Patent for toothpaste tablets registered 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2012

    Selected as an OEM partner of LG Household & Healthcare CO. 

    Cosmetic products began to be distributed all stores of ROK Military Welfare Service

    Cosmetics production line expanded 

  • [Emerging Stage] 2010

    Selected as China distributor 

    Corporate R&D center established 

    Innobiz certificate 

    Venture company certificate  

    Selected as an OEM partner of Coreana for toothpaste, exclusive agreement and supply